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Intelligence in content will never stop being Beautiful

Content is the most important means of communication on the Web. Content writing for websites highly differ from those written for print media or publications. Web content should ideally be precise and attention grabbing. This is especially significant in case of websites that sell products and services, as in that case the content plays the role of a virtual salesperson.


A blog is referred to several names such as web page, website, online journal, online diary, etc. However, to define it in the simplest form, a blog is an informational online platform or website that helps to educate and interact with the target audience of the blog owner or blogger. A blog can be developed in both formal as well as casual forms.

Social content

With the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn etc. the need for social content evolved. The first step to the success of such social sites is content creation. Each of these sites has different guidelines for content publication. Thus, social media marketers are always on the hunt of creative writers with the good understanding of social media.

Website content

Website does not complete only with web designs. It needs content to describe it. Web pages like about us, products/services, contact us, media coverage, etc. not just share the information about the products or company but also helps in creating a credibility among customers. Thus, website content plays an important role in brand building too.

Technical writing

Getting confused with the term ‘technical’ in technical writing is commonly noticed. Technical writing is a form of writing that covers a subject with detailed explanations, directions, and instructions. It is a straightforward instructional form of factual writing. Some of the examples of technical writing are whitepapers, design plans, manuals, training materials, technical documentations etc.

SEO writing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an organic marketing style that helps a website in gaining high page ranking results on search engines without any financial investment. Thus, as the name suggests, SEO writing refers to a form of writing that helps a website to become more visible on search engines. This form of content writing serves as a fuel to online marketing strategies.

Industry focused writing

Digital marketing has influenced every industry. Thus, the demand for writers having the understanding of digital media along with the expertise in different industries is evident. The writers often come across content writing services like medical writing, travel writing, food blogs, instructional (curriculum) writing, academic writing etc. As it involves an expertise in a specific industry, the payouts for such services are also huge.