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Beach Watersports


Adventurous Beach Watersports

Goa is the hub for all Water Sports junkies. A trip to Goa is incomplete without a visit to the pristine beaches and enjoying the water-sports there. Slingshot Entertainment offers you customized packages for beach water-sports. Choose from a variety of thrilling sports like Jet Ski, Parasailing, Banana Boat, Bumper rides and many more.

Jet Skiing is one of the most thrilling and adventurous water sports in Goa. It is preferred around winter season and is enjoyed by many tourists who try this sport to set their adrenalin rushing.

The Jet Skis in Goa are sure to set one pulsating as the equipment has a power of 100-135 horsepower. They are capable of reaching very high speeds and thus one is advised to go along with an instructor if trying it for the first time.

Jet skiing requires a jet powered water scooter which is accelerated by a powerful engine. It is simple to operate however for a while the high speed may be a bit difficult to control. Once it is mastered, one can have a great experience skiing around.

Jet Skiing can be enjoyed at many beaches in Goa such as Aguada Beach, Colva Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach, Benaulim Beach etc. A nominal rate is charged and one is requested not to ignore the advice given by instructors.

Goa vacationers coming with their family and friends who look for a fun watersports activity should try the Banana Boat Ride. It is an inflatable boat that is shaped just like a banana and connected to a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds. Everyone riding the banana boat must hold on as tight as possible as the speedboat attempts to flip the inflatable boat thereby dropping its passengers into the water (you’d be really lucky to hold on).

The banana boat ride is a fun and exciting activity that both children and grownups can enjoy. Our banana boat in Goa can accommodate around 4 to 6 people. You don’t have to worry about your children on this ride as they are given life jackets for safety. The minimum age to ride the banana boat is above 10 years.

Slingshot Entertainment boasts of having the most competitive banana boat ride rates for you, your family and friends. Be adventurous and have the most unforgettable vacation in Goa with different exciting watersports activities to choose from. Going on a banana boat ride in Goa is truly a great way to take a break from your everyday routine as it is exhilarating, fun and very safe.

Goa is not only known for its pristine beaches, but it is also famous for its water sport activities. We offer you an exciting Bumper Ride, which is also called Tubing. This activity involves riding a tiny round boat on water. It is safe and suitable for adults and children. The Bumper will be attached to a speed boat and as the speed increases, you can feel the tiny boat jump. Feel the adrenaline rush while you are tossed around on the water as it moves in different directions and tosses you around. So, what are you waiting for? Come and participate in this unique adventurous activity. Our instructors will guide you and provide you the necessary equipment such as helmets and safety jackets. Take a break from your day-to-day routine by indulging in this fun-filled session of Bumper Ride for 15 minutes.

Parasailing is also known as a soaring on a parachute and is a kind of active recreation wherein a person is fastened to a special wing-form parachute towed by a boat that raises the viewer on exciting height. The impressions from soaring over the boundless sea and the bird-eye view are really unforgettable. Morover, this kind of sport is one of the most safety entertainments among water sport activities and does not require any special training or skills.

Those who are fond of speed and high can try parasailing in Goa. Goa is the second tourist destination after the Taj Mahal in India. The region is famous for its magnificent beaches which yearly attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. It would be quite odd if parasailing was not developed in Goa.

The blessed waters of Arabian Sea offers Goa a multitude of pleasures. The almost 110 km stretch of coastal Goa offers the fun expedition of Dolphin watching. Dolphins are adorable and endearing to watch. The gentle water beasts with their synchronized twirls and dynamic bodily movements entice viewers. Dolphin Watching is one of the fun water activities in Goa. Take upon a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the surreal feeling of watching these dolphins dance along with the waves.

Increase the possibility of seeing dolphins in the months of October to May when they are more visible. Plan your dolphin trip in advance and do not forget to carry your camera with you. On your dolphin watching trip, be ready to be amazed by the endearing dolphins perform splashes and other tricks in the crystal blue waters of Goa.

Get an up-close encounter with wild dolphins in the waters of the Arabian Sea with a half-day cruise from Goa. You can also enjoy sights of traditional local fishermen at work. Look out for brightly colored kingfishers. Bask in the warm Goan sunshine and relax on board. Cruise past Aguada Prison, Goa’s own ‘Alcatraz’. Visible in the horizon, admire the historic ramparts of the well-preserved 17th-century Portuguese military outpost, Fort Aguada.

Speed boat is a adventure and craze among the tourists coming to Goa. Speed freaks who love to flirt with the water can’t resist getting into a speed boat. There are a lot of motorboats in Goa that have a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour and few with a speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour. Cidade Goa, Oberoi and the Taj hotels Goa provide high powered boats which give a thrilling experience. These speed boats can carry six to eight people at a time and can be used as a transportation medium. One can go for long rides or just a spin around the bay on these speed boats. Old Goa, Fort Aguda Goa, Sinquerim Goa, St. Jacinto Island and Grant Island Goa and many more exciting destinations can be visited by these speed boats. The speed boats can also be used for water skiing in Goa.

Speed is a very common passion amongst the adventure lovers. Imagine cruising at more than 50Mph in the blue sea water and tearing apart the waves of sea to make your way in unending sea. Speed boats are very common in Goa and are very easily available on the beaches.

If jet skiing is not enough for your speed thirst then move over to speed boat. More powerful, more faster, its a great group activity. There are three to six people in the boat and you get this golden opportunity to not just thrill with the speed but also explore the Goan coastline.

It’s all about having fun under the sun! This is out of passion for fishing in Goa and what it brought along ; that sense of freedom being in the open sea, that fresh ocean breeze that brings a smile to your face, and that feeling of being on a vacation from your mind is the reason why we are still operational after all these years

You do not need to be an extreme fishing fanatic to go on a tour with us, our highly trained staff will guide you on your trip, and get you reeling in that fish. All our staff have had years experience fishing in these waters and are all keen fisherman with first aid qualifications.

Our fishing charters can take a maximum capacity of 8 people per boat, and all trips includes refreshments, snacks, bait and fishing equipment. All our boats are equipped with a toilet, sonar, GPS, and all the safety equipment as per Goa coast guard regulations.

Our tours come with a warning label! This can get addictive and you can turn into an “aquaholic”! We have numerous packages to choose from depending on your preference and the occasion.

Island Watersports at Goa invites you to come fishing, crab catching, eco-friendly boating with us aboard for some chilling monsoon. It is truly an experience not to miss. Let our experienced captain and crew take you to some of the best fishing & crab catching areas around River Mandovi.

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